Vinyasa Flow

This is an energetic, medium-intensity class, suitable for all levels of experience. We will flow through a sequence of strengthening and nourishing poses, linked closely with breath, for an efficient body and mind workout.  Yoga is an ideal complement to sports, strength work, and cardiovascular training, as you will strengthen your core, improve mobility, and learn to listen to your body - key elements for long-term health and injury prevention. You do not need to be flexible right now - that's what yoga is for!

About Jillian

Jillian started going to yoga classes at her university gym and has been hooked ever since. Yoga has helped her through IT band issues while training for a run, has improved her mobility (she wasn't previously able to touch her toes!), and has allowed her to find balance and calm from the stress of corporate life. Jillian completed her 200 RYT yoga teacher training at Move Yoga. 

Jill is also available in the evenings for one on one sessions.