5 Hacks with Bi-Carb

The household staple bicarbonate of soda has so many benefits.

1.       Treat Skin

Eliminate fungal infections by making a bi-carb body scrub.  Fill 3/4 of a jar with bi-carb soda, then saturate it with triple distilled vodka to make the scrub.  Handy if by chance, you have any unwanted vodka in the house!  (You’ll have to persist with applications for some time after the infections seem to have gone, to be sure they are completely gone).


2.       Whiten Teeth

The mild abrasive is great for removing surface stains.  (It’s what’s now in most of your fancy whitening toothpastes today, so expensively marketed.)  Dip a wet toothbrush into bi-carb and brush for 2 minutes a few times a week.  Nb. Overuse can damage enamel, so go easy and see your dentist for deeper stains.


3.       Relieve Insect Bites

Bi-carb reacts to the venom of an insect bite and neutralises it by drawing out the toxins and fluids.  Mix 1 tbs with enough water to create a paste.  Apply it to the bite, leave to dry, then wipe off.


4.       Use It As A Deodorant

Blend it with a few other pantry items to absorb body odour (and kill the bacteria’s that make the odours).  Mix ½ cup each of bi-carb and arrowroot powder with 6 tbs of coconut oil and a couple of drops of your chosen essential oil.  Rub a pea-sized amount on your underarms until it’s invisible.

Tip:  Add peppermint oil to this mix and you have your own toothpaste too (see Hack #2).


5.       Detox Your Body

Bi-carb helps to draw out toxins (as in Hack #3).  Soaking in a bath in equal parts bi-carb and Epsom salts.  Both are amazing for detoxification...and a relaxation time thrown in.


SAFETY TIP – Only use aluminium free bicarbonate of soda and only in small amounts, being mindful of any skin irritations or other reactions.  If symptoms persist, always seek medical advice.

Laura Grace, CFC Personal Trainer.