Improve Your Gut Health

We choose to make our bodies stronger, leaner and fitter by coming to the gym .......

So why not assist the unseen working engine, the gut, to be as effective as possible too?

Ever tried Food Sequencing and Food Combining?

 They can be really efficient ways to improve your Gut Health

 Even if you just manage to apply either some of the time, you are decreasing stress on your body systems.

Food Sequencing

To try sequencing, the basic rules are:

Eat the quickest digesting, most watery food first and chew foods close to liquid consistency before swallowing.

Eat with 100% attention on the taste of the food (TV Dinners out....instead, concentrate on every mouthful).

Basically you begin with fruits/vegetables and progress to carbohydrates, seeds/nuts, dairy and animal proteins last.

Eating fewer different foods at each meal is believed to optimize digestion by simplifying it.


Here’s a short list of digestion times of foods:

Water – leaves immediately when stomach is empty and goes into intestines.
Juices – 15-20 minutes     

Fruits – 20-40 minutes     

Raw vegetables (salads, leafy greens, etc.) – 30-40 minutes  

Cooked vegetables – 40-50 minutes            

Starchy vegetables (squashes, yams, potatoes) 60 minutes
Grains – 90 minutes          

Legumes, Beans – 90 minutes       

Seeds – 2 hoursNuts – 2-1/2-3 hours
Dairy – anywhere from 90 minutes to 5 hours
Animal protein:  

Whole egg – 45 minutes 

Fish – 30 – 60 minutes 

Chicken – 1-1/2 -2 hours 

Turkey – 2-2-1/4 hours 

Beef, lamb – 3-4 hours 

Pork – 4-1/2 – 5 hours 


Food Combining

1. Eat raw fruit alone

2. Avoid mixing starchy carbs with animal protein

3. Water-rich vegetables go with everything

4. Healthy fats go with everything

5. Avoid combining high sugar foods with other foods. Note: Food combining principles can be more slack if your meal consists of a juice or smoothie, since the ingredients are blended.

There are different schools of thought and different ways you can vary your meals if you find you’re having digestive problems. Many of these protocols have been around for years, but today the first course of action many times is to prescribe an antacid or other medication.

Personally, I always exhaust natural methods and real food as supplements first before resorting to pharmaceutical drugs. Be mindful – pay close attention to the foods you use to fuel your body and how they affect you. You are the expert on you! And the ultimate responsibility for your health lies with you as well.

So off you go and research for yourself how to best feed your gut and produce the best good bacteria’s to promote a healthy you .......

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