The Importance of Mobility and Flexibility

Stretching and strengthening – these two practices will help you decrease pain and generally help your day to day well being. Let me tell you why.
Stretching if done correctly allows the body to remove imbalances that are usually caused by overuse or poor movement patterns/ habits, allowing us to return to out anatomically correct posture.

Let’s take sitting at a desk example:

·         Sitting causes tight hip flexors (muscles on the front of your pelvis) and weak and stretched glutes. This is because you might sit for 6 hours in a day and your body adjusts and gets used to this position.

·         This means our glutes don’t work as they should when needed during the rest of our day to day activities such as absorbing impact when walking down stairs, this impact is then absorbed by the lower back and this often causes pain and injury.

·         My advice – Stretch the hip flexors using a foam roller and a simple lunge position hip flexor stretch every day for 5 minutes on each side.
And complete 4 sets of 15 glute bridges also every day.

·         This will begin to strengthen your glutes and take the pressure off the back. From there regular and progressive resistance training is necessary. Come and have a chat to us about setting a program up if you have a sore back.


As we get older our joints and muscles sadly get stiffer and less mobile and in turn this causes long term pain, we can counteract this by completing daily stretching and regular strengthening exercises. This need to be individualised and prescribed by a qualified professional.


By Sam Batterton