Squats are one of the most common lower body exercises in the world. it's a compound movement which predominately utilities your quadriceps and glutes. You may not know it but we all squatted several times in our lives especially as a toddler/child. Some people are discouraged to squat as they may think it's a dangerous exercise. Then there are some people who don't like to perform lower body exercises because people perceive them to be weak and discourage them. These are just excuses as strength will come over time, practice and good form.  

It's essential to maintain good form during squats, once form is improved the likelihood of injury minimises while the benefits will pile on:

  • Increased Strength - A significant increase of strength will occur if you squat with good form and incorporate progressive overload. Strength will not only occur in your quads and glutes but also in your calves and core. 
  • Stability and Mobility - As the squat is performed with a neutral spine this will strengthen your core and evidently strengthen your posture. As we get older the probability of falls increases but by squatting we strengthen our lower body and core hence decreasing the chance of falls
  • Injury Prevention - From the two points above we know that squatting will decrease the chance of injury. Squats increase the strength in our quads especially the VMO aka vastus medialis. By increasing the strength of this muscle it can decrease the likelihood of patella tracking and knee pain. 
  • Improves the ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL's) - The ability to lifts things becomes easier as you have more power through your legs. Coupled with good form you will be able to move items around the house easily. With increased mobility and stability these tasks can be performed without you being completely exhausted.

Hopefully this will not only encourage more people to squat but to squat with good form. The benefits are clear but if you have any questions about this blog or you want to inquire about how to improve your form feel free to talk to the staff members of CFC or message me Singkik at sli@australiaonline.net.au.