Is Sitting holding you back from feeling your best?

Is sitting bad for health?

Just as your computer monitor goes into energy saving mode when you don’t use it. Our bodies similarly power down from sitting to conserve energy.

Over millions of years our bodies have evolved to move, and stand upright. However as technology advances we are too easily able to shop, connect with people, make a living etc. all from a seated position.

When you sit for an extended period of time, your body starts to shut down at the metabolic level. The larger muscles meant for movement, like your legs are immobile therefore burning less energy. This can lead to weight gain and related diseases.

If you have experienced the endorphins or “happy hormone” after being physically active then it understandable that people who sit all day are also more susceptible to depression.

Spine health is also compromised. Sitting causes the chest, hamstrings and hip flexors to shorten and become tight while the muscles which support the spine are weakened and stiff.

Not only is going to the gym or training outdoors beneficial for your waistline and mental health but also improves posture and reduces pain. Small changes can improve your health:

-Walk or stand while on the phone.

-Personally deliver a message rather than emailing.

-Use a smaller cup so you have to keep walking to the drink fountain.

-Go to the shopping centre instead of shopping online.

-Cook at home rather than eating out.

-Use the stairs rather than the lift.

-Park your car further from the station or get off one stop earlier and walk.

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