Welcome to CFC’s first blog!

As trainers we love keeping fit and challenging ourselves. However we understand not everybody is likeminded and may have limitations. Through client assessments and surveys when presenting to corporate clientele we have found the biggest hurdle to keeping fit and healthy is lack of motivation. Therefore for us to say “exercise more” could mean nothing if you don’t know why.

Just some of the benefits of exercise:

-improved mental health and feeling of wellbeing from the release of endorphins

-better sleep

-reduced stress and anxiety

-better body composition

-reduced risk of health problems (eg. Heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes)

-improved energy levels


Get a good routine:

Our most successful clients are those who stick to a routine. They come in at the same time every training session and adjust their schedule when this is unachievable. Keeping in mind you don’t have to be at the gym for hours on end to achieve your goals. If you look at your schedule at the start of the week and book your training session as you would a meeting, you will be more likely to make the time.

Don’t kick yourself if you miss a session:

If for whatever reason you can’t attend the gym, learn from what held you back and strategize how you’re going to overcome it next time. For example if your alarm didn’t go off, could you come in later that day instead and make sure your phone isn’t on silent for next time. If a lunch meeting keeps you from the gym, could you come before work instead? Could you try a “walking meeting”.

Set goals:

Set small, measureable, achievable, realistic, timely goals. Vary your focus every few weeks to keep things interesting. Our trainers specialize in assisting you to achieve your goals. Every 6-8 weeks we sit down with our members and refresh their program and goals. This way you can keep track of your achievements and know you are doing the right program for yourself. And don’t forget to reward yourself!

Make it convenient and stress-free:

Find a gym close to your work or home. Pack your lunch and lay out your clothes the night before so you don’t have to think about it in the morning. Don’t make any decisions with your head on the pillow! Many people also prefer to workout with other people. Could you carpool with someone to the gym? You could try booking into a class with other people or get a program written for you both to follow.

Enjoy it:

Think of your gym time as a break from work or a chance to catch up with a friend. Talk to your trainer about your likes or dislikes to certain exercises. We have a vast library of different exercises and ideas!

CFC Team